HomeGuard Regular Edition

Activity Monitoring and Blocking Tools


How to setup HomeGuard Activity Monitor.

How to open HomoeGuard Activity Monitor

How to open HomeGuard Activity Monitor.

Changing monitoring and blocking settings

How to configure HomeGuard. Monitoring and blocking settings access.

How to use HomeGuard Activity Monitor

Introduction to HomeGuard's filtering features.

Setting up email notifications

Email notifications and reports settings.

Restrict program usage to certain times

Configuring games/applications blocking schedule.

How to block specific websites

Blocking websites by URL.

How to block HTTPS

Blocking all HTTPS encrypted traffic.

How to exclude Roblox from web content filtering

Adding Roblox to the Internet Filtering exclusion list.

How to block video streaming

Block video content in websites.

Forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Steps to reset your HomeGuard password.

Parental controls settings overview

How to setup and use HomeGuard Parental Controls.

How to block exe downloads

Block all new application downloads.

How to lock Youtube Restricted Mode

Enforce Google and Youtube restricted mode.

How to block Youtube

Various ways to block and control Youtube.

How to block Pornhub

How to block all porn and adult websites.

Blank screenshots and screen savers

Why do I get blank screenshots in HomeGuard screen recorder.

How to upgrade to HomeGuard Pro

Steps to upgrade to HomeGuard Pro.