Block Any Website by Name, URL or Keyword

Including Addictive Gaming Websites, Social Networking Websites or Any Websites You Choose to Blacklist

URL, Address, Name Blocking

Block websites by name and URL or keywords. And blocks web files by content type and extension (e.g.: block exe downloads, movies..).

Detailed Web Activity

Record when a website was visited and total time spent on each website.

Web Search Monitoring

Website filter detects and records all terms searched for in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN).

Content Based Porn Filtering

Only block pages with adult, inappropriate or harmful content not entire websites.

HTTPS Filtering and Blocking

Filter and block the content of any website including encrypted HTTPS websites.

HomeGuard Screenshot Recorder, Printed Files Website whitelisting/blacklisting and blocking schedule.
HomeGuard Printer Monitor Blocked social networking websites.

Monitor Every Website Visited in Any Application!

Even When Routed Through a Proxy Server HomeGuard's Website Blocker can detect even the most cunning obfuscation techniques and applies blocking rules. It can also block the use the proxy servers and other tunnelling applications altogether. HomeGuard is capable of monitoring and blocking web activity in any application, e.g.: BitTorrent clients or embedded browser plugins, not just the regular standalone web browsers.

Selective Monitoring and Blocking

Choose which users HomeGuard applies blocking rules to and when (days of week or hours of day) will the rules apply. You can also turn off Internet and application monitoring completely for certain users or at certain times.

HomeGuard Activity Monitor

The Ultimate Website Blocker

No Blanket Blocking, Block Only Questionable Content

Smart blocking engine that removes adult content or content containing predefined keywords from pages being visited. This means that if the page's content changes, it will be blocked if the new content is offensive. So, if for example a forum thread is clean it will be allowed and if a user later posts adult content it will be blocked automatically without intervention and without needing to change the settings