Capture Screenshots Based on User Actions or at Predefined Intervals

Record Every Activity in Every Application as It Happens

Screenshots based on user interactions with applications

HomeGuard takes screenshots when a website is visited, program is started, chat message sent and received, a file is printed...etc

Time based Screenshots capture

Capture screenshots periodically, at certain times of day or certain days of week and at specific intervals.

Display captured screenshots in gallery view

For quickly flipping through many screenshots and full view for focusing on certain screenshots.

Size optimized screenshots

Does not use up large chunks of hard disk space, captured screenshots are optimized to take up small size and at the same time show every detail.

HomeGuard Screenshot Recorder, Printed Files Websites visited, captured by HomeGuard Screenshot Recorder
HomeGuard Printer Monitor HomeGuard Screenshots Recorder gallery.

Link Monitored Activities with Screenshots

HomeGuard parental monitoring tools are supported by screenshots of the actual activity. Visited websites and search results, started programs and games, printed files..etc are recorded in detail along with a screenshot of the actual action along with the window title at the time it was taken. Screenshots can also be triggered at predefined times times of day or days of week and at any interval desired.

Monitor Web and Social Media Activity With Screenshots

Easily spot harmful activities by quickly browsing through screenshots of computer activity. Or view detailed reports of social media and gaming that you can search, filter, sort in various ways.

HomeGuard Activity Monitor

Block and Monitor Every Computer Activity With Screenshots

Cannot Be Bypassed by Proxy Servers

Depending on your needs HomeGuard can run in the background monitoring all everything and recording keystrokes and screenshots without showing up in Task Manager or the list of installed programs. HomeGuard can also be configured to show notifications when blocking any activity and show up in system's tray area to let users now HomeGuard is running.