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SprintWork Distraction Blocker

Block Social Networks and Games, Track Time Spent on Websites and Programs, Maximize Productivity

SprintWork is an effective distraction blocking and time tracking software that can help you get work done on time and recover valuable time lost to social media and games. By default SprintWork blocks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social networking websites using a fully customizable website blocking list that can be set in three modes: block list, allow list and complete blocking of all Internet access. All three modes can be configured to take effect only on specific times of day or days of week with the option to lock settings changes for a certain period of time.

Block or time restrict social networks, online games or any website

Block web distractions including social media, addictive gaming websites, video streaming websites or any website wasting your time.

Block or time restrict games and programs

Usage of non-work related applications can be blocked or limited to certain times of day, days of week or restricted to a total amount of time per day.

Detailed activity monitoring and reporting

Records time spent actively using programs, total run time of each program and start and end times of usage sessions as well as details of visited websites including time and total duration of visits.

Selective user monitoring and blocking

Can exclude certain computer users from blocking rules and monitoring of activity. Useful for shared and family computers.

Wildcard support

Block websites that have certain words in their addresses or block an entire domain or only a specific sub-domain.

Multiple website blocking lists

Block or set time restrictions collectively for groups of websites.

Cannot be bypassed, deleted or disabled

Works with all browsers and Internet clients and cannot be forcefully stopped, disabled or uninstalled unless the lock time you've chosen expires and only after you enter your password.

Automatic cleanup of monitoring records

Old monitoring records and reports are automatically deleted every predefined time interval (default is 30 days).

Stay On Top of Your Tasks, Stop Procrastination

Restrict Online Gaming and Social Media Usage

In addition to online games SprintWork can also block or time restrict desktop games and programs and it tracks active time spent on each program, total run time, start and stop times and every window title each program had while using it.