Limit Gaming Time, Block Any Application

Easily and effectively block or restrict time wasters and unproductive applications.

Games/Programs blocking and time restrictions

Completely block a program or application or limit program usage time to certain times of day or days of week or a total amount of time per day.

Detailed usage data with visual reporting

Monitor program usage and record detailed application usage info including: active usage time and total run time.

Automatic detection of newer versions of programs

Whenever a blocked or restricted game or application gets updated HomeGuard automatically recognizes the new version and applies existing blocking rules and time restrictions to it.

Online and offline games blocker

Blocks web based games including Facebook games and other online games through website and content type blocking and PC games blocker and virtual world games including Steam games, Minecraft, PUBG, Second life and any other game.

Program blocking cannot be bypassed

Changing program name or moving it doesn't bypass blocking; once a program or game is added to the blocking list (or time limits list) its signature is computed and saved and will be detected no matter what its name is or where it is on the hard disk.

HomeGuard Application Monitor Top Used Applications
HomeGuard Application Monitor Application Usage Details

Why You Need an Application Blocker

In addition to blocking games HomeGuard can limit time spent on the Internet by either restricting browser usage in the app blocker or setting time limits for individual websites in HomeGuard's website blocker.

P2P and BitTorrent file sharing services are often used in illegally distibuting copyrighted content, which can lead to legal actions and constly fines or lawsuits. HomeGuard can easily monitor and block the use of such services.

Another important use is for blocking cloud storage services to avoid data theft or excess bandwidth usage. HomeGuard can prevent the these applications from running or can allow them to run but block their connection to the Internet through URL blocking rules.

Set Collective Time Restrictions for Groups of Applications

Powerful feature that allows you to block access to application categories. For example you can choose when work applications can be used and for how long and when browsers can be used or games..etc

HomeGuard Application Monitor Application Groups Time Restrictions

End Gaming Addiction, Block Any Application

Limit Time Spent Playing Games or Any Type of Application

Works on the deepest system level, HomeGuard is impossible to bypass and disable without the administrative password. And with its detailed visual reporting it is very easy to track productivity as well as anticipate and stop harmful behavior.