Silently Record Everything Typed in Web Browsers and Applications

Social Media Posts, Messages, Forum Posts, Search Terms Everything

System-wide keylogger

Capture all keystrokes typed on the computer including user names and passwords, visited websites, chat messages, emails, web forms data and Facebook posts.

Detailed keylogging data

Record which program was typed in, when and what was its window title at the time of typing.

Multilingual support

Full support for languages that use non-Latin scripts (Unicode) like Russian, Chinese..etc.

Secure logging of captured data

All captured data are encoded and safely saved to the monitoring records database which is only viewable using the admin password, chosen during installation.

Web search monitoring and filtering

Monitor and block words searched for on search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

HomeGuard Keylogging Screenshots Text typed captured by HomeGuard Screenshot Recorder
HomeGuard Porn Blocker Screenshots HomeGuard Keylogger captures text, window title and time of typing.

Reliable Stealth Keylogging

HomeGuard Keylogger is unobtrusive it will run invisibly and doesn't slow down your computer or use too much resources. Complete with an application blocker, web filter and screen recorder, HomeGuard gives you complete control over all computer activities.

Powerful Monitoring Engine

HomeGuard Keylogger is the ultimate solution for monitoring all computer activities both online and offline and for blocking addictive and harmful habits. HomeGuard protects kids from online predators and bullies by monitoring chat messages, email, social networks and web activity and presenting detailed monitoring logs to you in searchable text form and with screenshots of every activity.

HomeGuard Activity Monitor

Record Every Computer Activity For Every User In Every Application

Keystrokes, Search Engine, Youtube, Social Media Activity and More

HomeGuard is an all in one tool for monitoring and tracking activity and ensuring child and family safety. With easy to use and at the same time detailed reporting allowing you to quickly detect certain usage patterns. And advaced blocking tools enabling protection against any harmful activities.