Monitor and Block USB Thumb Drives, External Hard Disks and Storage Media

Prevent Data Theft or Harmful Content Transfer to Your Computers

Works on all versions of Windows

HomeGuard USB Blocker works efficiently prevents reading and writing of files and data to any type of USB drive on all versions of Windows.

Password Protection

Locked USB devices are password protected cannot be unblocked except using the admin password.

Cannot be disabled or removed

HomeGuard cannot be uninstalled, removed or bypassed except without the password chosen during installation.

HomeGuard Porn Blocker Screenshots Connected USB devices with time and if allowed or blocked.

Protect Against Data Theft, Porn and Harmful Files and Viruses

HomeGuard provides various tools to protect against data theft including cloud storage programs blocking, blocking of file uploads and blocking the transfer of files to USB devices. HomeGuard also blocks transfer or opening of files in external USB drives therefore offering blanket protection against viruses as well as porn videos and photos.

State-Of-The-Art Web Content Filter and Blocker

Sophisticated porn filter that blocks pages dynamically based on their content and optionally block pages and websites by URL. HomeGuard website blocker is smart enough to single out and block certain content types like videos or photos.

HomeGuard Activity Monitor

Versatile Parental Control Tools to Protect for Family Safety Online

Works Silently in Stealth Mode

Various activity monitoring tools with detailed reporting for keeping track of web, social media activity and gaming and stopping destructive patterns and blocking them before they ever become a problem.